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2016-05-28 21:43:58

adidas yeezy boost 350 moonrock for sale This summer, oil companies won an August vote after dishing out nearly 0,000 to buy about 8,000 TV spots in Alaska to keep special tax breaks. Yet only Nebraska’s appears to have drawn TV ads: a paltry ,000 worth. The Humane Society has backed a group that has spent about 0,000 on ads favoring the ban so far.,yeezy 350 boost pirate black for sale Analysts say the marijuana legalization effort in Florida is really a tactic to get more young and left-leaning residents to turn out and vote for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, former Gov.Billionaire casino operator Sheldon Adelson has given million to the anti-pot campaign, while the pro-pot side is backed classic ugg boots outlet Dv0fdmore than .8 million mark on ad spending for an August ballot measure designed to eliminate a double tax on industrial property, while also rerouting an existing tax to fund local budgets.yeezy boost youth

adidas yeezy 750 boost sneakers “That totally makes sense,” said Neil Sroka, a strategist for progressive groups and the communications director at the Howard Dean-founded Democracy for America. The other side, Maine’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Council, has spent about 3,000 on ads.,adidas yeezy boost 750 how much“These ballot measures are great ways to talk to voters who might not want to talk to Democrats,” Sroka said. 4, so a flood of advertising is on the horizon.”Sroka told the Associated Press that polls show overwhelming support for raising the minimum wage, including among independents and Republicans.adidas yeezy clothing release

adidas yeezy boost 350 restockMoney talks but does it win?For some corporations and national advocacy groups, investments in ballot measure ads have aclassic ugg boots outlet Dv0fdlready paid off.8 million from the personal injury lawyer John Morgan and his firm, which hired Crist after he left office. ,adidas yeezy pink shoes North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks has ponied up nearly 5,400 for ads—more than double the cost for all the ads run by candidates for state offices this year.Attracting voters with pot and moneyMarijuana is on the ballot classic ugg boots outlet Dv0fdin the District of Columbia and three states, spurring .In Michigan, manufacturers almost hit the .yeezy 350 tumblr

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